Critical Thinking

The corner stone of the liberal arts at the University of Providence is critical thinking. It is the goal of the faculty at the University that every graduating senior be proficient in this vital set of skills.

Mastery of a Complex and Varied Knowledge Base

The University of Providence provides all of its students with a broad base of knowledge both in their chosen majors and more generally through electives and the core curriculum.

The Ability to Ask Questions

The University of Providence encourages students to ask questions about all aspects of their experiences to gain a better understanding of what is on the surface and to discover what is hidden or missing.

The Ability to Find and Evaluate Evidence

The University of Providence teaches students the methods and skills needed to discover and evaluate information.

The Ability to Synthesize Information

The University of Providence prepares students to craft answers to questions from a broad range of sources and to compensate for incomplete information.

The Ability to be Creative and Innovative

The University of Providence encourages students to explore new modes of thinking and expression to become flexible and agile thinkers.

The ability to appreciate alternate explanations. The University of Providence emphasizes the need to understand and appreciate other perspectives on their own terms.

The Ability to Transfer Knowledge and Skills

The University of Providence emphasizes the utility of knowledge and skill transfer from one context to another and provides opportunities for students to practice the ability.

The Ability to Communicate Clearly and Effectively

The University of Providence ensures that students are able to communicate in a variety of modes and clearly articulate the context, conclusions and underlying assumptions of their arguments.

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