Codes of Professional Conduct

See Codes of Professional Conduct information posted in the above section of this catalog. Unique information that applies to Graduate Studies differently, is listed below.

All students who enter the graduate program at the University of Providence must understand that professional, ethical, and mature behavior is expected of each student at all times. Every student must conduct himself or herself with maturity and professionalism. It is expected that students will:

  1. Maintain a high standard of professionalism in graduate classes
  2. Act in a professional manner at all internship placements and experiential learning classes
  3. Comply with the professional ethics code of their chosen profession and
  4. Do their own work and properly credit all sources.

An alleged violation of the Code of Professional Conduct shall be promptly reported to the applicable Department Chair or Division Chair or another graduate faculty member. If an alleged violation occurs within a course, the instructor is supported in addressing the resolution of a violation within the scope of the course syllabus. Should the instructor believe the violation, wholly or in part, is beyond the parameters of the course, a referral may be made either to the degree Program Coordinator or to the applicable Department Chair or Division Chair.

The complainant shall file a written complaint setting out the name of the alleged violator, date and time of the alleged violation, and facts outlining the alleged violation. The complainant must sign the complaint. The applicable Department Chair or Division Chair will review the complaint and may conduct an investigation of the reported violations. If the applicable Department Chair or Division Chair finds sufficient grounds for an alleged violation, the accused student will have a choice of an administrative hearing before the applicable Department Chair or Division Chair or a Hearing Committee composed of two full-time graduate faculty members. The process and all procedures will comply with the Code of Student Conduct found in the Student Handbook.

If the Hearing Committee determines the complaint is factually accurate, they may recommend any, or a combination of any, of the following:

  1. failure or incomplete be awarded in the course in which the violation occurred;
  2. require replacement, repair, or payment for any property defaced;
  3. an oral reprimand;
  4. a written reprimand, to be placed either permanently or temporarily in the student’s official file;
  5. placement of the student on disciplinary probation for one or more semesters;
  6. suspension from Graduate Studies for one or more semesters;
  7. permanent expulsion.

An appeal of failure to abide by due process may be made to the applicable Department Chair or Division Chair.

For a complete list of student rights and responsibilities, please refer to the Code of Academic Conduct.

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