Quality graduate education depends upon the professional and ethical conduct of all parties. The graduate faculty and graduate students have mutual responsibilities in the maintenance of academic standards and the creation of a high quality graduate program. Graduate students have made a career choice and are viewed as members of a profession that has obligations to our human community.

The Graduate Council is comprised of faculty members who share responsibility for standards of admission, retention, graduation requirements, graduate degree curricular matters, approval of new graduate programs, and all other matters of educational policy pertaining to graduate programs. Policy recommendations of the Council are forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for University review and action. Course work is offered for the following programs:

Each of these program plans has a unique curriculum that is described in this catalog. Students will find a listing of the prescribed courses that must be successfully completed for the award of a degree or certificate. Prospective students should carefully read the course descriptions required in the degree or certificate program to determine whether the program in which they have an interest will fulfill their expectations and career goals. Students should familiarize themselves with all aspects of pursuing a graduate program. Faculty members are available to assist in curricular planning.

Failing to read and understand program requirements is not a defense for non-completion of any portion of a program. Program planning guides are available within DegreeWorks.

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