Graduate Faculty and Program Contacts

Graduate Full-Time Faculty


Mary Amick (2020)
Associate Professor of Healthcare Administration
B.A. Idaho State University
Master of Adult Education and Organizational Development, Oregon State University
Ed.D. University of Southern California


Gail A. Belfert (2010)
Professor of Criminal Justice
B.A. Rutgers College
J.D. Antioch Law School


Betty Cardona (2022)
Associate Professor of Counseling
Ph.D. The University of Wyoming, Laramie
M.A. University of Mariano
B.S. University of San Carlos

Jaime Coles-Duff (2019)
Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N. Oregon Health & Science University
M.S., D.N.P. Gonzaga University


Andrea Houser (2022)
Ph.D. Capella University
M.S.N., B.S.N., A.D.N, Norwich University
Associate Dean, Nursing


Sachin Jain (2019)
Professor of Counseling
B.S., CSJM Kanpur University
M.A., V.B.S. Purvanchal University
Ph.D., University of Wyoming
Program Director: MSC


Deborah J. Kottel (1987)
Professor of Legal & Paralegal Studies
B.S. Loyola University
J.D. DePaul University


James Lautenschlager (2020)
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
B.S., M.B.A. Capella University

Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart (2015)
Associate Professor of Counseling
B.S., M.S. University of Salzburg
M.S. Bowling Green State University
Ph.D. University of Toledo

Frankie Lyons (2018)
B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.H.A. University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Ed.D. North Carolina State University
Associate Dean, Health Programs
Program Lead: MSI


Lyndon C. Marshall (1984)
Professor of Computer Science
B.S. College of Great Falls
M.B.A. University of Montana
Ed.D. Montana State University
C.D.P. Certified Data Processor
C.S.P. Certified Systems Professional

Deanna Melton-Riddle (2022)
Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration
D.H.A. Central Michigan University
M.S.A. National Louis University
M.P.H. Parker University
B.A. Chicago State University


Robert Packer (2011)
Professor of Psychology
B.A. Brigham Young University
B.S. Utah State University
M.S., Ph.D. Washington State University


Thomas A. Raunig (2008)
Professor of Education & Sports Management
B.S., M.A. University of Montana
Ed.D. Montana State University


Tanya Seward (2023)
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Program Director: MS Nursing

Bryan Slavik (2015)
Master Lecturer of Criminal Justice
B.S., M.S. University of Great Falls

Katrina Stark (2008)
Professor of Business Administration
B.A. Scripps College
M.S. Troy University
D.M. University of Phoenix
Program Coordinator: MSL-MGT

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