Graduate Studies Mission

The University provides qualified applicants the opportunity to pursue graduate degrees with the common goal to afford opportunities for ethics-based professional preparation in a variety of human endeavors. Graduate programs bring together faculty and students as a community of scholars with a common interest in creative work and advanced study.

It is the mission of Graduate Studies to prepare reflective practitioners. The graduate programs all involve learning and mastering the skills of reflective scholarship as the ability to understand and to reflect on the major theoretical and empirical data in a field of study. Reflective learning is the ability to act while reflecting on one’s own ideas, analyses, values, personal and organizational interests, and the interests of others; and reflective practice as the ability to apply skills and perspectives in life, to reflect on the appropriateness of practices and to practice self-efficacy in application, both reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action of professional activities.

The goal of graduate education is to instill in the students an understanding of and capacity for scholarship, independent judgment, academic rigor, and intellectual honesty. It is the responsibility of faculty and students to work together in partnership to encourage freedom of inquiry demonstrate personal and professional integrity, and foster mutual respect.

Core Learning Outcomes are Integrated Within Each Degree Plan

  • Reflective Scholarship:
    To understand the major theoretical perspectives in their field of study.
  • Reflective Learning:
    To apply major theoretical perspectives in their field of study to real-life cases and to reflect on these applications.
  • Reflective Practice:
    To reflect and act on one’s own ideas, analyses, values, and personal and organizational interests in relation to one’s field of study.
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