Jonathan Nelson, Ph.D.

Matthew Pietropaoli, Ph.D.

Philosophy begins in wonder. Wonder about what goods we ought to pursue in life, and what we ought to avoid. Wonder about the nature of justice, about the marvelous order found in the world, and about God – whether He exists and what His existence might mean for our lives. At the University of Providence, we begin our philosophical inquiry by learning from the finest thinkers who have gone before us, philosophers whose doctrines have decisively shaped the world in which we live. We also provide many opportunities for inter-disciplinary reflection and philosophical analysis of contemporary problems.

The Ideal Philosophy Minor Graduate: The ideal UP philosophy minor will be: a historically informed systematic rational reflector about human life; consumed by curiosity and wonder; and prepared to excel in cognitively and emotionally sophisticated enterprises [e.g., teaching, law, management].

Philosophy Minor Program Outcomes

  • Comprehend and analyze important arguments of the major figures in the history of philosophy as they develop in relation with one another. [“Historically informed”; Bachelor Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
  • Comprehend and analyze important arguments in the major “branches” of philosophy and the ways in which they overlap and intersect. [“Systematic”; Bachelor Outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
  • Identify and charitably evaluate arguments in a variety of texts, as well as offer and respectfully defend her own valid/strong arguments with poise, confidence, and openness to refutation. [“Rational”; Bachelor Outcomes 1, 2, 6]
  • Articulate and take a considered stand from among several theories of justice and the common good. [“Human Life”; Bachelor Outcomes 1-6]
  • Articulate a nuanced understanding of the role of philosophy as a way of life and of philosophical reflection in personal and professional contexts. [“Systematic”,” Human Life”; Bachelor Outcome 3]

Philosophy Minor

Two Upper Division PHL Electives6
Total Credits Required:21
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