Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes and complete all assigned work. Attendance includes attending on-campus classes and logging on a minimum of 3 times per week for on-line courses. The specific attendance and grading policy for each class is determined by the instructor and is listed in the course syllabus. Students who miss classes due to participation in University sanctioned events are required to make up any work or assignments they have missed in an equitable manner determined by the instructor and should not have their grade affected by the absence itself. In isolated cases involving family or medical emergencies, students are encouraged to speak with their instructors. Instructors may require documentation of family or medical emergencies.

Tracking Class Attendance

Attendance will be tracked using ArgoExpress class rosters. It is the responsibility of each instructor to track attendance through the use of ArgoExpress class rosters. Only students who are registered in and attend a class will appear on a class roster through ArgoExpress. For financial aid reasons, all faculty are required to track student activities in such a way as to be able to identify the approximate date of a student’s last date of attendance.

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