Codes of Conduct/Conflict Resolution

The University expects all students to conduct themselves as responsible and law abiding members of the academic community and to respect the rights of other students and members of the faculty and staff to utilize, enjoy and participate in the University community, its programs and facilities. Student conduct that disrupts, invades, or demonstrates disrespect for the rights of others is prohibited and may be subject to disciplinary action. Such incidents may include verbal harassment, physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, solicitation of others, including unwanted touches and suggestions, and the damaging of property.

A responsible, professional relationship is expected of all University employees in their interactions with University students. Incidents may occur in which students believe a University faculty or staff member has dealt with them in a manner that violates their rights or exceeds the professional limits of the employee’s position. Such incidents may include verbal harassment, discrimination, physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, or other unfair treatment.

A comprehensive listing of rules and regulations governing student conduct and rights is provided in the Academic Misconduct Policies.

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