CLEP, Dantes, AP and IB Credits

The University accepts CLEP credit in accordance with ACE guidelines. Specifically, this policy provides for credit for CLEP scaled scores of fifty or above. In addition, the University accepts Advanced Placement (AP) credit in accordance with the recommendation of The College Board. At present, the policy provides general elective credit for scores of 3. A score of 4 may be used to fulfill core requirements where appropriate and a score of 5 may be used to fulfill major requirements where applicable. DANTES credits are also accepted according to ACE recommendations. International Baccalaureate (IB) credit is also awarded for students receiving a 4 or above on Higher Level (HL) exams or a score of 5 or above on Standard Level (SL) exams. 4 semester credits are awarded for lab based courses and up to 5 semester credits for all other HL exams. SL exams are worth 3 semester credits. A chart detailing the specific correlation between CLEP, DANTES, IB and AP credits and University requirements is available on the Registrar’s Office webpage.

In a bachelor degree program the total number of credits which may be applied to the University core curriculum is 30 semester credits, 15 semester credits for associate degree program. No more than 15 semester credits may be applied to a major, 9 semester credits for a minor.

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